27 January 2006

A hundred grand!

The novel has just reached the 100,000 word mark! There is something very satisfying about that number. Yes, I know I still have another 30,000 or so to go, but 100,000 is a kind of watershed. For the past several months it has felt like an uphill struggle to get here. Now, hopefully, it will be downhill all the way to the end.

I am so pleased with having got this far that even the fact that I have just transferred the entire contents of my current account to the Inland Revenue can’t dent my mood!

Of course, once I reach the end I will still have a good deal of work to do. I have been working on the James Thurber principle of writing: ‘Don’t get it right; get it written!’ In the process the novel has sprouted any number of unexpected branches. They will have to be pruned (or cut out altogether). I anticipate losing between 10 and 20 per cent of the novel before it is fit to send out to publishers. But that is in the future; right now, I am really, really happy!!

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