05 February 2006

Habemus papam

White smoke was seen rising from St Mary’s Cathedral this morning. We have a new provost at last! Kelvin Holdsworth, who is presently based in Bridge of Allan, will take up office on 31st May. His first Sunday with us will be Pentecost Sunday; I can’t think of a more appropriate day for him to begin.

Kelvin is another blogger. If you are interested, you can find his blog here.

His appointment comes as a great relief to me because, as a member of St Mary’s Vestry, I have been heavily involved in the appointment process – late-night (and sometimes fractious) meetings to thrash out details of parish profiles, job descriptions, personal specifications, etc.; poring over seemingly endless drafts of the relevant documentation; agonizing over how to ensure that the process remained one of discernment rather than degenerating into a beauty contest.

The fact that our decision to invite Kelvin was unanimous is, I think, a good indication that we got the process about right. In fact, given the diversity of opinions and personalities among Vestry members, that we were able to reach a consensus rapidly and without bloodshed (metaphorical, of course) is little short of miraculous.

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