18 July 2006

Four Ways to Forgiveness

No, this isn’t another theological blog entry. It’s the title of a collection of short stories by Ursula K. Le Guin. I have just finished reading it and decided to recommend it to anyone who might read this blog.

As always Le Guin's writing is powerful and, in places, very moving. She also happens to be a very, very good storyteller. Here, she tells four linked stories set on the planets of Werel, a slave-owning oligarchy, and Yeowe, its colony. The title of the collection is interesting – and possibly misleading – because the stories have less to do with forgiveness than with the struggle for freedom. However, while the emancipation of the slaves of Werel and Yeowe forms the inescapable backdrop of these stories, Le Guin actually focuses on other less obvious, but no less important forms of oppression.

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