20 April 2007

A new displacement activity

For various reasons, I have moved my desk from our spare room to our living room. Surprisingly the move has actually turned both rooms into better spaces. However, the living room has much bigger windows than the spare room: windows that look out onto trees that to some extent screen our block of flats from the rest of the city.

Watching the feathered inhabitants of those trees is the new displacement activity of the title. I can resist the temptation well enough when I am working (i.e. meeting deadlines and my obligations to my clients) but the temptation seems stronger when I am trying to make progress on the novel.

Mostly we get the usual garden birds, though the trees do seem to attract the odd treecreeper. And, for some reason, we seem to have more than our fair share of magpies. But the real temptation is to keep an eye open for the most recent residents of the trees on the hillside below us: a pair of sparrowhawks! I didn’t believe it at first, but the other day I got a very clear view of the male, perching on a branch just a few yards away. The female is not so easy to spot – she seems to keep more to the undergrowth – though I did see her just miss a very lucky pigeon a couple of hours after I had definitely identified the male.

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