07 June 2007

An eighth of a million

We took a few days off last week to explore Galloway, particularly the Machars and the Mull. Apart from a spot of rain on the Sunday, we had good weather for the visit, which was just as well: the Machars would be a really bleak spot in bad weather.

The highlight of the visit was certainly our trip to Logan Gardens. Nestled behind an extensive shelter belt, they are exotic sub-tropical gardens containing some really spectacular specimens. One of the most amazing sights there is the Gunnera bog: Gunnera looks vaguely like rhubarb, but much bigger. Even in spring, the plants are a good seven feet tall!

I took the laptop with me in the hope that I would be able to make some progress on the novel. In fact, I did rather well: I managed to add about 6,000 words to my total, taking me over 125,000 words. More importantly, I seem to have broken through the block that has been preventing me from making progress for the past several months. I had been banging my head over how to make a description of a long winter journey interests. The secret was the realization that it would never be interesting and probably wasn’t necessary anyway, so it could simply be omitted. Instead I shifted my attention to the action in a parallel subplot.

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