21 January 2008

‘Don’t get it right, . . .’

‘. . . just get it written.’ (James Thurber)

After a long period of inactivity (more than six months, in fact), I have once again started making progress on the novel. This weekend I completed another chapter and the end is in sight. All I have to do is keep going. And at the moment I am so fed up with this story that I just intend to plough on regardless until the thing is finished. Hence the quotation from Thurber. Once I have a draft of the entire novel, there will be plenty of time to tidy it up.

I am still using yWriter (mentioned here) to draft the novel and it is proving to be an immensely useful writing aid. The current incarnation is version 4. It now allows rich text editing and it can store all kinds of notes on characters, locations, scenes, etc. This has to be one of the best free pieces of software I have ever come across. I can’t wait for version 5! In addition to yWriter, the program’s author has also created a handy submission tracking utility (Sonar) and a useful project timer (Track-a-minute) that I would probably use if this facility were not already built into my PIM.

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