30 April 2008

Love and being

I have just finished editing an interesting article on ‘St Thomas Aquinas on Eucharistic Ecstasy’. At one point the author quotes Dom Sebastian Moore thus: ‘“I am” equals “I love”. “I love” is the only way to say “I am”.’

From there it is just a short step to a Christian counterstatement to Descartes’ Cogito. In contrast to the rationalistic individualism of ‘I think, therefore I am’, the Christian says ‘I am loved, therefore I am’ (therefore I love).

We are not ‘the good guys’

Some words attributed to George Bell, Bishop of Chichester during the Second World War and fierce opponent of the Allied policy of area bombing civilian targets:

‘No Nation, no Church, no Individual is guiltless. Without Repentance, and without forgiveness, there can be no regeneration.’

18 April 2008

My kind of vegetarian

A comment from an email I received this morning:
‘I’m a vegetarian, but I regard the pig as an honorary vegetable.’

Now that’s what I call vegetarianism!

08 April 2008

Philosophy as slow thinking

According to the French philosopher Alain Badiou,
Our world is marked by its speed: the speed of historical change; the speed of technical change; the speed of communications; of transmissions; and even the speed with which human beings establish connections with one another. . . . Philosophy must propose a retardation process. It must construct a time for thought, which, in the face of the injunction to speed, will constitute a time of its own. I consider this a singularity of philosophy; that its thinking is leisurely, because today revolt requires leisureliness and not speed.
Infinite Thought, p. 38

I like the idea that the refusal to react to the latest news with a superficial soundbite is a revolutionary (or, at least, subversive) action.