24 July 2008

Hans Küng revisited

Over at Living Wittily, Jim Gordon of the Scottish Baptist College has just finished an interesting series on the second volume of Hans Küng’s memoirs, Disputed Truth. Such a warm endorsement from someone who stands in a very different theological tradition from Küng makes me think I should go back and re-read him. (I have to confess that I was put off Küng by my attempt to read On Being a Christian many years ago before I had sufficient grounding in theology to be able appreciate him.)

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Eamonn said...

I have very mixed feelings about Küng. I read On Being a Christian many years ago with mounting excitement, but I've since come to realise that he cuts corners in his argument. His hermeneutics have been criticised for being rather slapdash. It's best to regard him as a lively polemicist rather than a careful scholar.