22 January 2009

Daily routines

Alan Campbell has just posted a blog entry about his (multiple) daily routines inspired by an entire blog devoted to the daily routines of creative people (Daily Routines: How writers, artists and other interesting people organize their day). Some of them (not least Alan’s) are truly terrifying; others are quite fascinating – definitely worth browsing through the site some time.

And what of my own routine, you might well ask. Quite simply, the computer tells me what to do. No, seriously; I have a program called TimeTo into which I put details of all my projects (how long I expect them to take, deadline, relative importance). The program then juggles all that information, fits it into the working time in my week and tells me what I should be doing next. It warns me when I try to fit too much into my schedule and, conversely, I can tell simply by glancing at the monthly overview whether I can fit in that extra last-minute project for client X.

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