04 February 2009


I have just discovered that Adam Roberts has a blog called Punkadiddle, wherein he writes about the books he has been reading. Since he is not only an excellent science fiction author (I had the pleasure of copy-editing his novel Splinter for Solaris some time ago) but also an English lecturer, I expect it to be a valuable source of recommendations for future reading.

Recent highlights on Punkadiddle include an irreverent post mortem of some of John Updike’s poetry and a very amusing critical look at Neal Stephenson’s Anathem. Even if you disagree with his take on Stephenson, this is worth looking at simply for the collection of hilarious neologisms he has coined for the occasion.

In another recent entry he alerts us to the fact that Ursula Le Guin has a new novel out and that he thinks its the best thing she has written since the glory days of Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed. Thanks for the tip, Lavinia has just gone to the top of my 'must read' list.

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