20 August 2009

Idealist lives (and Linux may be the future)

The most commented about entries on this blog seem to be the ones about the venerable database program Idealist (see After Idealist and Idealist: an update). Just the other day, Reg Kennedy commented that he is happily using a 15-year-old version of the program on a Linux system (Ubuntu with Wine, to be precise).

As it happens, I have experimented with Idealist on Linux myself and found that it works – though not perfectly – with Linux Mint 6 and a trial version of Crossover Linux. The experiment was enlightening but not satisfying enough to make me abandon Windows in favour of Linux . . . yet. However, in the past three months, in the course of ‘updating’ Windows XP, Microsoft have changed my browser homepage from BBC to MSN (more than once), installed a Firefox add-on without my permission, and changed the update settings from ‘ask me’ to ‘install automatically’. Much more of this and I am more likely to switch to Linux than look at Windows 7.

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jparshall said...

Thanks for the mention of CrossOver--we appreciate it!

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