01 January 2010

2009 in retrospect

What has 2009 meant for me?
  • A year of waiting for doctors to decide what to do about various health problems. It now looks as if a minor operation is on the cards in 2010.
  • A year largely without singing because of another health problem (now resolved). I finally returned to the RSNO Chorus in the autumn (unfortunately too late to sign up for their forthcoming concert at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam).
  • The year in which I finished revising the fantasy novel I’ve been working on for more or less the past decade.
  • The year I changed denomination (for personal rather than doctrinal reasons). I am now worshipping in the Church of Scotland, though I continue to be a Franciscan tertiary. Perhaps as a result of that, I have become much more conscious of the ecumenical imperative in Francis’s vision to build up the Church.
  • The year I read Calvin’s Institutes from cover to cover.
  • The year I discovered that I preferred the Scottish borders to Northumbria.
  • The year I discovered an unexpected interest in orchid growing.

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