25 January 2010

(H)al does it again

(H)al Duncan, one of the stalwarts of the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle, has been shortlisted for the 2010 BSFA Awards in the non-fiction category. The nomination is for his blog entry ‘Ethics and Enthusiasm’.

UPDATE (26 Jan 2010): (H)al has decided to decline the nomination:
as much as I'm loathe to reject this honour, and grateful as I am to those who voted me onto the shortlist, I'm going to decline the nomination on the grounds that this work is not of sufficient relevance to the field. It may have been sparked off by a debate within the field, but that same debate could just as easily have occurred elsewhere. Its inclusion on the ballot therefore seems to me... inappropriate. A mark of my inclusion in the discourse itself. I profoundly appreciate this as a token of respect for the specific work and as an indication that such broad concerns might be considered valid subjects within the science fiction and fantasy community -- it's great to see the net being cast so wide -- but ultimately the tangential relevance of this post is simply not comparable to the direct relevance of the other nominated works, and I would not have it stand as a contender where it can only receive status and attention at the expense of a more worthy candidate.
And he makes no secret of which of the other nominees he sees as the more worthy candidate. See his full response here.

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