30 August 2010

Theology and the new physics: introduction

Some years ago I contributed a chapter to the book God, Humanity and the Cosmos. The book is about to go into its third edition, and I have to revise my chapter. As part of the book’s revision process, a day conference is being held in Birmingham next Saturday. Unfortunately I can’t be there, so I have promised to make my chapter available here. If you have any comments on the content and what revisions I might make, please feel free to post them.

First, to give you some idea of what is coming, here is the introduction to the chapter:

In this chapter we shall look first of all at the powerful (and continuing) influence of Newtonian thinking (Section A). Then we shall consider two ways in which physics has parted company with the Newtonian world-view: through the rediscovery of time (Section B), and the rediscovery of the observer (Section C) – noting some theological implications. We go on to look at issues in modern cosmology – the beginning and end of the universe (Section D) and the possible rediscovery of purpose (Section E). Finally we consider the new science of chaos and complexity (Section F).

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