13 April 2011

Is there life inside black holes?

 Here’s an interesting paper that has just appeared on arXiv. ‘Is there life inside black holes?’ by Vyacheslav Dokuchaev of the Moscow-based Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences argues that stable orbits and complex structures can exist within charged, rotating black holes. Here is the abstract:
Inside a rotating or charged black holes there are bound periodic planetary orbits, which not coming out nor terminated at the central singularity. The stable periodic orbits inside black holes exist even for photons. We call these bound orbits by the orbits of the third kind, following to Chandrasekhar classification for particle orbits in the black hole gravitational field. It is shown that an existence domain for the third kind orbits is a rather spacious, and so there is a place for life inside the supermassive black holes in the galactic nuclei. The advanced civilizations may inhabit the interiors of supermassive black holes, being invisible from the outside and basking in the light of the central singularity and orbital photons.
Quite apart from the interesting scientific speculation, I am fascinated by the potential for science fiction and fantasy. There have been any number of science fiction stories that have used charged, rotating black holes as transit points to other places and times, but I can’t think of any that involve civilizations that actually evolve inside a black hole. But perhaps it would be better as fantasy, given that any society living within a black hole would have to learn to cope with frequent causality violations (not the most conducive environment for the development of any kind of science).

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