22 April 2011

Stations of the cross

Malcolm Guite is blogging some more of his poems: this time a series of sonnets meditating on the stations of the cross. Here is a particularly striking example (Simon of Cyrene carries the cross):
In desperation on this road of tears
Bystanders and bypassers turn away
In other’s pain we face our own worst fears
And turn our backs to keep those fears at bay
Unless we are compelled as this man was
By force of arms or force of circumstance
To face and feel and carry someone’s cross
In Love’s full glare and not his backward glance.
So Simon, no disciple, still fulfilled
The calling: ‘take the cross and follow me’.
By accident his life was stalled and stilled
Becoming all he was compelled to be.
Make me, like him, your pressed man and your priest,
Your alter Christus, burdened and released.
The others can be found here: I–III, IV–V, VI–VII, VIII–IX, X–XII, XIII–XIV. And he has just posted a fifteenth, for Easter dawn: XV.

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