30 August 2011

Thought for the day: Platonism vs Christianity

the one essential difference between Platonism and Christianity is absolute: the difference, that is, between the mysteries of the city and the counsels of the philosopher’s daimon, on the one hand, and the sacraments of the church and the pilgrimage of scripture, on the other; or, otherwise stated, the difference between the backward glance that seeks a path of retreat out of the alien distance of a chaotic exterior and the forward gaze, saturated by the light of the Kingdom’s distant dawn, that surveys the graciously exterior distance of the gift.

Hart, David Bentley (2000) ‘The Writing of the Kingdom: Thirty-Seven Aphorisms Towards An Eschatology of the Text’, Modern Theology 16(2): 181-202 (190).

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Ioan B. said...

Hello! This is a fascinating text. I'm wonder if you could post some more apohorisms from this article of Bentley Hart.

Rev. John B.