13 September 2011

Coming soon

According to the T&T Clark blog, advance copies of the third edition of God, Humanity and the Cosmos are now available. Once again, I am responsible for the chapter on physics.

Some endorsements:

‘As the title says, God, Humanity and the Cosmos covers almost everything regarding science, Christianity and its critics. Not only is the scope of this textbook ambitious, but so is the variety of detailed issues addressed in many brief, readable sections that deserve careful study. For each topic discussed, the reader may come away with a fair and informed understanding as well as suggestions for further reading if one were to pursue that particular topic. Other wide ranging surveys of ‘religion and science’ tend to promote answers and play down the problems; this one also poses good questions with the answers, and thus doesn’t leave its challenging edge in easy apologetics. God, Humanity and the Cosmos is a rich survey as well as a great opportunity to come to greater depth in some of the most exciting intellectual discussions of our time.’ – Willem B. Drees, Leiden University, the Netherlands.

‘Distilling the expertise of a dozen key scholars in science and religion and containing significant new material, this third edition of Christopher Southgate’s now classic textbook continues to offer a comprehensive overview of what might otherwise seem a hopelessly large and shifting subject. In particular, the contributors are theologically literate and put theology back into the science and religion debate. Students I teach have found this textbook to be the most informative in its field.’ – David Grumett, University of Cambridge, UK.

‘I continue to enthusiastically recommend this fine textbook in science and religion. I have used the previous editions on several occasions in seminary and doctoral courses at the Graduate Theological Union, and found them to provide an excellent survey of the field, a very useful reference guide, and a stimulating set of perspectives from the spectrum of views of its editors. Key additions to this third edition – new chapters on the new atheism and climate change, a substantial rewrite of the evolution and biotechnology chapters, and a sizeable updating of the bibliography - make it all the more valuable as a textbook in science and religion.’ – Robert J. Russell, Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley, USA.

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