12 December 2011

Indie vs traditional publishing: the maths

Dean Wesley Smith has just posted an interesting blog entry in which he compares the (notional) incomes of a pair of new genre novelists during their first three years in the business for the independent (read digital) and traditional publishing routes respectively. He makes a number of what seem to me reasonably conservative assumptions in order to make his calculations. Perhaps the least conservative assumptions are that both novelists manage to turn out a new novel every six months and that the one who goes down the traditional route manages to land a book deal (without an agent) during those three years.

The conclusion?

Total income for first three years of writing: 2012-2014

Traditional: $3,332.00 (assuming no agent and $5,000 advance. Book not yet published.)
Indie: $525.00 + $4,095 + $8,715.00 = $13,335.00 for three years.

You can find the full entry with all his working here.

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