23 January 2012

Out of office message

With my SfEP Council member’s hat on I am in the process of trying to organize speakers and workshop leaders for this year’s conference in York (more details will appear here in due course). I’ve just received the following out of office message from one of the people I've been trying to contact, and I thought it was too good not to share:
Email contact may be irregular and replies even nonexistent.  Social messages and out-of-the-blue inquiries may fall between the cracks and not get replies at all.  You know how it is: email comes in huge waves, and humans are weak and fallible, and travel exhausts and confuses them. Try to forgive him.
This message was NOT sent by a human, but by a robot.  We are not weak or infallible.  One day we will take over. ----------------The Mailer Daemon

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