19 January 2012


Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! Yet another way to waste time online. I have just discovered Pootwattle. Pootwattle is a virtual academic created by the University of Chicago's Writing Program. Press a button and he will write a random sentence for you.

Some examples from my first foray onto the site:
The emergence of the master-slave dialectic works toward the formation of early modern textuality.
The socialization of metaphoric substitution invests itself in the engendering of DeMan's aesthetic ideology.
The historicization of factual knowledge revisits the fantasy of the specular economy.
What's more, if you suspect that Pootwattle is spouting nonsense, you can call upon Smedley, the virtual critic, for a second opinion. For example, Smedley's response to the last sentence above is:
Pootwattle's excruciatingly detailed analysis of the relationship between the historicization of factual knowledge and the fantasy of the specular economy draws attention to the irreconcilable difference between languages and idioms.

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