19 July 2014

Some Christian resources for thinking about the independence referendum

The referendum creeps ever closer and the churches (and individual Christians) in Scotland are gradually articulating their views for and against independence. Here is a – hopefully representative – sample of resources to help you think about Scottish independence from a Christian perspective:

  • The Doctrine Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church has recently published a piece in its Grosvenor Booklet series entitled The Church and Scottish Identity.
  • Last month the Edinburgh SOLAS group hosted a debate on Scottish independence. Someone has kindly put the entire 2 hours on Youtube, so you can watch it here.
  • In the run-up to their General Assembly this year, the Free Church of Scotland asked four of its members – Donald Macleod, Neil Macleod, Gordon Matheson, and John Ross – to prepare discussion papers for and against independence.
  • At its General Assembly this year the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) accepted a report entitled Scottish Independence: An examination of the Scottish Government's proposals for Scottish independence.
  • Doug Gay’s contribution to the debate on Scottish independence at this year’s General Assembly of the Church of Scotland can be downloaded here. Unfortunately, Douglas Alexander’s contribution does not appear to be available.

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