14 October 2015

TSSF Principles, Day 14

The First Way of Service
(14) Tertiaries seek to live in an atmosphere of praise and prayer. We aim to be constantly aware of God’s presence, so that we may indeed pray without ceasing. Our ever-deepening devotion to the indwelling Christ is a source of strength and joy. It is Christ’s love that inspires us to service, and strengthens us for sacrifice.
The Franciscan life is not just about praying and praising God at set times. We seek to develop a life saturated in prayer and praise. It is about becoming ever more conscious of God’s presence until we are effectively praying without ceasing.

I have to admit that I am only ever intermittently aware of God’s presence. This is a point on which I need to work.

The Orthodox make constant use of the Jesus Prayer precisely so that they might be constantly aware of God’s presence. But I wonder how some of the psychophysical activities associated with the Jesus Prayer in the Orthodox tradition would fit with Franciscan spirituality. There is more than a hint of inner emigration about them, which contrasts quite sharply with the Franciscan tendency to seek God in the world.

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