15 October 2015

TSSF Principles, Day 15

(15) The heart of our prayer is the Eucharist, in which we share with other Christians the renewal of our union with our Lord and Saviour in his sacrifice, remembering his death and receiving his spiritual food.
The Eucharist lies at the heart of Christian worship. First and foremost, it is here week by week that we most directly encounter the risen Christ who makes himself available and vulnerable to us in the broken bread and poured wine. But second, it is here more than anywhere else that we are drawn together into the community that Christ is preparing to be his bride. If you like, this is the Church’s engagement party with the Lord celebrated week by week in anticipation of the eschatological marriage feast.

The Principles actually say that ‘the heart of our prayer is the Eucharist’: the heart of our prayer is not a form of words but a communal action. This implies more generally that Christian prayer is not just about words; our actions are also part of our prayer. Prayer needs to be seen as every form of communication with God. And our actions communicate more loudly (and often more truthfully) than the things we say. Prayer cannot be separated from righteous action.

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