02 October 2015

TSSF Principles, Day 2

(2) In the example of his own sacrifice, Jesus reveals the secret of bearing fruit. In surrendering himself to death, he becomes the source of new life. Lifted from the earth on the cross, he draws all people to himself. Clinging to life causes life to decay; the life that is freely given is eternal.
We should not try to hang on to the present, the known, the safe, the routine. We only really live if we venture into the new, the unknown; if we are willing to experience something new and different. We need to get out of our comfort zone – and that includes meeting new people, particularly people outside the Church.

Clinging to life cause life to decay; the life that is freely given is eternal! This is true in so many ways. The life God wants us to live is an outgoing life. It is no coincidence that one of the classic definitions of sin is an existence that is incurvatus in se, turned in upon itself.

Francis followed Jesus in going out to those who lay beyond the boundaries of respectable society. We are called to follow them in reaching out, in giving our lives to those who are on the outside.

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