20 October 2015

TSSF Principles, Day 20

(20) Tertiaries endeavour to serve others in active work. We try to find expression for each of the three aims of the Order in our lives, and whenever possible actively help others who are engaged in similar work. The chief form of service that we have to offer is to reflect the love of Christ, who, in his beauty and power, is the inspiration and joy of our lives.
Our role in life is that of the servant, because that is the role Christ adopted. But being a servant does not entail unquestioning obedience to those with worldly authority over us.

We are called to serve those around us, particularly those with no worldly call on us, and ultimately all of creation by doing good – bringing healing and wholeness, proclaiming God’s good news by word and deed, comforting those who sorrow or fret or fear.

Our chief form of service is to reflect the love of Christ. This is about more than emotion, feeling, or attitude. It is primarily about action. We cannot bring the kingdom by our own actions, but we can offer ourselves as God’s co-workers, by committing daily acts of subversive love.

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