23 October 2015

TSSF Principles, Day 23

(23) Humility confesses that we have nothing that we have not received and admits the fact of our insufficiency and our dependence upon God. It is the basis of all Christian virtues. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux said, ‘No spiritual house can stand for a moment except on the foundation of humility’. It is the first condition of a joyful life within any community.
Humility is at the root of all Christian virtues. This is not Uriah Heep’s pseudo-humility barely hiding a deep well of resentment, not a brave face put upon the necessity created by a subordinate position. Rather, it is a realistic understanding of our own finitude. We were created from the dust, and to the dust we will return.

Humility refuses status. It will not play the hierarchy game. It rejects power over others. It will not dehumanize the other by taking refuge in I–It relationships, but recognizes the worth of the other – all others – (which resides in the fact of our all being made in the image of God) by seeking to establish I–Thou relationships.

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