06 October 2015

TSSF Principles, Day 6

(6) The primary aim for us as Tertiaries is therefore to make Christ known. This shapes our lives and attitudes to reflect the obedience of those whom our Lord chose to be with him and sent out as his witnesses. Like them, by word and example, we bear witness to Christ in our own immediate environment and pray and work for the fulfilment of his command to make disciples of all nations.
What am I doing to make Christ known? As a Tertiary I am called to bear witness to Christ to those around me – by word and example. I suggested yesterday that example alone is not enough, but neither is word alone. Perhaps if my behaviour were more Christ-like I would have more opportunities to speak about him.

So the starting point if I want to make Christ known is not a carefully prepared argument. Instead, I begin to make Christ known by acting in a more loving manner. By showing more care and compassion for those around me (either physically or virtually) and for those with whom I have any kind of connection. That, of course, brings to mind the example of Francis stopping in his tracks and expressing love for that which he feared the most, by embracing a leper.

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