05 October 2018


Yesterday was Francistide. I have recently become Orthodox and sadly the Orthodox Church does not recognize Francis (he lived after the Great Schism). But I was able to find a couple of Orthodox-style prayers that fit the occasion. (I don’t know where they originated, but I suspect they must come from an Eastern Rite Catholic source.)

Troparion (in Tone 3)
When riches had impoverished the world, you enriched it with the poverty of Christ, and by your love for all creation, you revealed to us the radiance of Tabor’s light, so that all nations see in you the deep desire of all mankind. Beg Christ our Lord to save our souls.

Kontakion (in Tone 6)
Hearing the words of the Holy Gospels, you left your earthly father to serve your Father in heaven, showing us the riches of poverty and the perfect joy of the Cross. And in opposing the pride of the mighty with the humility of the simple, and breaking down the walls of hatred with the power of your love, you became yourself an image of the crucified Christ, who is everywhere present and fills all things.

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